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Hi there! My name is Dawn Manning. Thanks so much for visiting Vintage Peach! We hunt for vintage treasures and create unique handmade decor that is available at our shop.

But we don't stop there. We also look to inspire you to take control of your home by sharing DIY tips for your own decor, organizing and decluttering your spaces and encouragement for your everyday life.

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You get to thrift with me today on my vintage decor hunt and then I do a haul when we are done! I have been told that I have an eye for great pieces. I would like to take you along with me so that you can see how I find what I find and maybe you could score some great vintage decor next time you thrift!

What we do

Vintage and Handmade Decor

I search out for unique, one-of-a-kind vintage treasures that you and your family will enjoy.

I also design handmade, farmhouse chic style decor that helps you express your personality and brings you joy.

DIY Tutorials and More

I provide you with DIY tips and tutorials and provide you with everyday inspiration and encouragement for your life. I also take you along my treasure hunts for vintage decor and more.

Behind the Scenes

I take you behind-the-scenes for a look at how my handmade products are made, how we "pick" our vintage decor and our real-life story.



Dawn Manning


Hello, thanks again for visiting my site. I'm excited for the opportunity to serve you and inspire you.
I've always enjoyed design, organizing, and decor since I was a little girl. My dad was and still is an avid DIYer and my mom has always been into crafts.
For one reason or another, I never saw myself as a business owner. I always thought that my interests were more of a hobby. I was also busy raising my four kids. I thought the idea of being a business owner was more of a pipe dream.
I had dabbled in business before. But let my own insecurities get in the way of pursuing it with all my heart.  I didn't have my life together enough, or so I thought.
In 2017, I read Joanna and Chip Gaines book The Magnolia Story. I understand that they are very popular. A lot of people would aspire to be like them, but their story meant a lot to me. I saw that like me, they didn't always have their life together, either. Yet God led them and helped them tap into their gifts, and even turned their messes into successes.
This inspired me to understand that my gifts, dreams, and desires weren't there by accident. I decided to take real steps towards starting a business.
Now here's where it gets crazy. In October of 2017, Chip published his book, Capital Gaines. I stayed up all night to read it. I was so thankful for the inspiration and encouragement I got from reading it. So much so that I wrote a review on Amazon.
The very next morning, his personal assistant tracked me down. She told me that Chip read my review and that I won the Chip-Starter 2.0. I had won $10,000! I had no idea Chip-Starter 2.0 was a thing. It was all very surreal.
And that's how I got started. It hasn't always been easy. I still deal with roadblocks and insecurities. Yet I know that there's a purpose for me.
I want help to inspire you to identify and believe in your purpose too. And have some fun along the way. 

Unique charming merchandise, all at very reasonable prices. Owner Dawn is delightful and professional, very creative and ambitious. Very pleased with my first purchase and I'm sure I'll be back.

Sue T.

Vintage Peach always has unique, stylish pieces and at very reasonable prices. Dawn is very professional and quick to fill orders.

Mary E.

I am super stoked about the glass box piece! I got the idea from Pinterest, for using a glass box as a ring bearer box. Did a quick search and found this one; it's even BETTER than what I saw on Pinterest! It's beautiful and the perfect size. Thank you, Dawn! You were a pleasure to do business with.

Fae H.

Dawn is Awesome! She helped me find vintage chairs as I didn't have the time to search!! She went over and beyond in helping me! Thank you!! Great items for sale and Fantastic Customer Service!!!

Kim F.